GW-L vozilo za posebnu opremu

Standardna vozila
Tehnička vozila i vozila za posebnu opremu

Equipment Vehicle – Logistics

The share of technical aid to the firefighting keeps on increasing. The fire brigades must be conceptually prepared. ZIEGLER Equipment Vehicle here offers the optimal solution.

The wide spectrum of its applications ranges from classic superstructure of a water supply over long distances to the large flood or storm usage.

Our modular, flexible loading system is based on roll containers. It is possible to reverse charge the correct device or the proper equipment, depending on the usage, by means of a hydraulic tail lift and safely put them on the ground.  

For the loading of the container, there are special requirements without limitation. Lighting units can be implemented as ventilation components, respiratory protection or hydraulic rescue equipment, submersible pumps, or the folded hoses.

ZIEGLER Equipment Vehicles are built either on chassis with a total weight up to 7,49 tons or on that of 16-ton class, for both the street as well with all-wheel drive. A crew cabin all can be implemented by a squad – up to the group cabin.