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Ziegler Portable Fire Pumps

ZIEGLER portable pumps with the proven automatic priming system TROKOMAT PLUS are efficient, reliable and in tough use for decades.

ZIEGLER is manufacturing portable pumps of various capacities with outputs from 500 l/min up to 2000 l/min. Safe and easy handling thanks to ergonomically designed carrying frames in standard dimensions. Clear control panels with necessary controls facilitate the work of the operators and give them room for other activities, too.

The PFPN 6-500 which has already acquired an excellent reputation under the name of ULTRA COMPACT can be referred to as starting module. Top model of the series is TS ULTRA POWER (PFPN 10-1500). All portable pumps are powered by efficient petrol or Diesel engines according to their specific use.

They all have in common the design proven in practice with absolutely efficient priming systems and solid, reliable engines. Thus, the ZIEGLER portable pumps have become sought-after dependable equipment for fire brigades worldwide. In the meantime more than 70,000 ZIEGLER portable pumps are in use all over the world.