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The extinguishing water is limited or not available at all: this can happen anywhere – whether in rural areas, on motorways or remote roads, in large industrial plants or old town area. Before such a case becomes a problem, it needs this Forcer reliably and safely get through the paved roads.

Ziegler Forcer are available according to - on one hand the standards, on the other hand the individual specifications. We offer a wide range of vehicles, from the standard Forcer to the TLF 4000, which can be set up on all common chassis.

Whether the street or all-wheel drive, squad or with crew cabin - everything is possible. Through our unbeatable flexible ALPAS superstructure system, we can offer completely independent equipment variants in addition to the standard load, which can be implemented as needed. To ensure an efficient firefighting attack, our proven Ziegler pumps offer optionally the normal and high pressure operation. With up to 5,000 liters of water and 500 liters of foam, the Forcer has sufficient quantities for an effective initial attack, which can be done via both the Rapid Intervention System and a roof turret. Other extinguishing agents such as powder or CO2 are also possible.