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Versatility gives security

The extinguishing water is limited or not available at all: this can happen anywhere – whether in rural areas, on motorways or remote roads, in large industrial plants or old town area. Before such a case becomes a problem, it needs this Forcer reliably and safely get through the paved roads.

Ziegler Forcer are available according to - on one hand the standards, on the other hand the individual specifications. We offer a wide range of vehicles, from the standard Forcer to the TLF 4000, which can be set up on all common chassis. Whether the street or all-wheelWhether the street or all-wheel drive, squad or with crew cabin - everything is possible.

Through close contacts with our customers, we develop vehicles that are tailored to perfectly fit to the respective tasks and usage requirements. Our modular superstructure system ALPAS, combined with our self-produced Ziegler pumps and diverse extinguishing components, these all make the configuration of various vehicle types possible.

By choosing the proven and tested components from the authorized suppliers, we build vehicles which are unique in the market. They are produced for us by using advanced manufacturing technology, also quite deliberately and masterly crafted by employees with the professional expertise, great passion and great responsibility. Therefore we sincerely provide our customers these with seal and signature.