we provide security


"We provide security" - the brand promise clearly shows what the brand ZIEGLER stands for - in every sense of the word.

The security that we promise can be clearly identified in our products, technologies and equipment.

Furthermore, we also offer security that extends far beyond that - and ultimately results in everyone feeling good all-around: For those who need help, for those that provide help and for those who organize help.

ZIEGLER customers around the world have placed their confidence in us. For almost 125 years. Today. And in the future.

wofuer wir stehen
Guranteed Ziegler
ZIEGLER Guarantee Passport

An extensive range of security services are included in ZIEGLER security.

Their goal is to maximize the availability of vehicles and to, as a result, guarantee highest operation security - both short-term and long-term. Because, if something works reliably long-term, ultimately offers another form of security: Investment security.
We have compiled a "Security Package" that includes five security relevant product benefits and services that we can offer to our customers with our certified guarantee. Since March 2015, the ZIEGLER Guarantee Passport is issued for each completed vehicle and handed to the customer upon delivery. It is signed and sealed, certifying the high quality of our products - this is unmatched by any other company in the industry.

The services in the ZIEGLER "security package":

Customer segments

Competence is security

Fire brigrade is not just fire brigade. Therefore we cannot treat all customers alike.

Specialized in different areas, our customers have completely different demands – in terms of vehicles as well as in terms of equipment. By defining four customer segments, we make it possible to precisely meet the needs of every fire brigade with regard to their specific product and service needs.

Experienced and skilled ZIEGLER employees are committed to meeting the needs of the customers in their specific field. For efficient communication. For smooth processes. For that secure feeling of being in the very best hands.

Four Strategic customer segments

Ziegler customers are active in the four strategic segments "municipal", "industry", "airport" and "government".
Each area has its own requirements. That is why Ziegler has carefully designed its products and services.

Customer segments


ZIEGLER Security Features



The patented ZIEGLER
Aluminum Panel System is not only highly flexible, but is especially also extremely durable, protecting the value and service life of the equipment. Fire and rescue vehicles with ALPAS superstructures are extremely reliable vehicles - and long-term are a secure investment.

ergonomische aufbaudetails

Ergonomic construction details

Extremely durable, low-mounted telescopic pullout trays, rotating and pivoting elements, ergonomically designed removal heights especially for heavy equipment, anti-skid steps: Well-conceived detail solutions make work easier for fire fighters, are gentle on physical strength and protect their health. 


z cab


More comfort and security for the crew: Z Cab has set new standards. The new generation now totally re-defines passenger protection: As the first European manufacturer, ZIEGLER is now installing certified airbags and seatbelt tensioners in the crew cabin of fire fighting vehicles. This is the same kind of passenger protection offered in automotive vehicles. 

z light


To see better and to be seen better: They both significantly increase security at an incident. The new Z-Vision illumination system with a 4-chamber LED profile minimizes shading in the work area; state-of-the-art signal and illumination elements integrated in the front, side and rear of the vehicle improve visibility.

z control


Clearly arranged, logical, easy to understand, easy to operate even when wearing fire-fighting gear: These are the requirements derived from day-to-day activities for the control elements.  Z Control meets them - with no restrictions. 

ziegler pumpen


Developed and manufactured in-house, ZIEGLER pumps are sophisticated, top-quality products. They are purposely constructed for ease of use, with clearly legible measuring instruments and automatic switching, ventilation and pressure regulator controls.