Fire Fighting Equipment from A to Z

Firefighting Equipment

Equipment and Clothing

Device Enclosure Equipment Fire Security Equipment

Our extensive experience allows us to offer you a broad range of products.



Foam / Water Cannons, Fittings

In addition to standard light alloy fittings, we also offer high-quality components and a selection of exclusive products. 


Rescue Equipment and Devices for Technical Rescue Operations

From descending devices to tents and a selection of exclusive products.


Respiratory Protection

Ziegler provides state-of-the-art respiratory technology that has been proven to guarantee extreme reliability under the most severe conditions.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The right clothing for any operation, which of course meets the current EN Directive.


Environmental Security

Gear for HAZMAT operations The gear is intended for environmental protection and is required when taking immediate action when dealing with major accidents involving hazardous materials.



Gift Items

Our range of products also includes items that you can have engraved for any personal occasion.


Training Material, Technical Literature

Material for training and education purposes. Books and CDs for various requirements.


Special Items


Pumps and Turrets

Hoses and Hose Care

Spare Parts

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