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Ziegler rescue vehicleS

For the fire brigades, there is no second type of vehicle as the Rescuer that has such extensive equipment for technical assistance. Whether you would like your Rescuer to correspond with the standards, or to be customized for your special needs: Ziegler is your competent and experienced partner in any case.

It is indeed a great task to design the equipment locker of a Rescuer: it is necessary to optimally exploit and use every inch – to utilize the manifold equipment and ensure the devices are well secured and clearly arranged.

Only in this way the required device or tool can be found in the operation quickly, safely and taken ergonomically.

An excellent lighting concept, intelligent retrieval and storage options, safe racks and movement areas, as well as the different, built-in aggregates or the winch to the rear-mounted telescopic crane make our Rescuers really the rescue specialists.

Built on 2, 3 and 4-axle chassis, our Rescuer provides complete coverage. In addition, apart from the German standards, they can be supplemented by individual variants.

Aktuelle Auslieferungen RW


ZIEGLER RW to the volunteer fire brigade of Werder

24. May 2017 | Vehicle deliveries

On 24.05.2017, we delivered a RW to the volunteer fire brigade of Werder.

Latest deliveries

Ziegler RW to the State Fire School Würzburg

14. February 2017 | Vehicle deliveries

On 14.02.2017, we delivered a RW to the State Fire School Würzburg.

Latest deliveries