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ZIEGLER TLF 4000 to the fire department of Hagen

14. December 2021 | Vehicle deliveries

On 14.12.2021, we delivered a TLF 4000 to the fire department of Hagen.

Latest deliveries

Ziegler Brandweertechniek signs maintenance agreement with VRHM

20. December 2021 | Press releases

ZIEGLER received an order for the preventive maintenance of 67 firefighting vehicles of the Safety Region Hollands-Midden (VRHM). The framework agreement has been concluded for 5 years with an option for seven extensions of one year each.

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Hamburg Airport once again relies on ZIEGLER quality

13. December 2021 | Press releases

ZIEGLER receives the order for the delivery of a total of four airport firefighting and rescue vehicles to Hamburg Airport. These are three vehicles of the type Z8 (2x HRET; 1x roof turret) as well as a further vehicle of the type Z6 with a roof turret.

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ZIEGLER Calendar 2022

15. November 2021 | Corporate news

You can now order our limited ZIEGLER calendar for the year 2022 now by e-mail - while stocks last. 

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ZIEGLER delivers 90 HLF 20 to BwFuhrparkService GmbH

29. October 2021 | Press releases

ZIEGLER is awarded the contract for the delivery of a total of 90 firefighting vehicles (HLF 20) to BwFuhrparkService GmbH. In addition, there is the option of supplying a further 9 vehicles. All vehicles will be used by the German armed forces.

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ZIEGLER hands over 5 TLF to the district of Leipzig

21. September 2021 | Press releases

On August 4th, 2021, ZIEGLER Group delivered a total of 5 TLF 4000 to the district of Leipzig.

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130 Years of Competency and Fellowship

We have been working hand-in-hand with fire departments and first responders for 130 years. We know exactly what is needed. Time and time again, we make use of our range of experience to offer practical innovations, making the work of fire fighters easier and safer.

Quality from a Single Source

From the small fire truck to the giant airfield sweepers: We offer the complete range of vehicles. And if the decision is in favor of ZIEGLER, you always get the whole package: Cab, superstructure, pumps and the full load, all from a single source. In certified ZIEGLER quality, tried and tested in thousands of applications.  

Innovative Technologies

Everything we do, we make sure it stands up to our brand promise. Innovations and developments, each and every one of them from ZIEGLER, set the standards for safety. No demand from day-to-day experience is too much to ask and no detail is left untouched.

At ZIEGLER, we offer everything relating to fire fighting technology and equipment.