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Technology is Security

You can recognize a ziegler vehicle even without a logo. Special sophisticated technologies, high functionality and special ergonomics are features that make our vehicles unique.

The basis of every ZIEGLER superstructure is the patented aluminum panel system ALPAS – a prime example of our quality philosophy. ALPAS has been subject to constant further development and is known as one of the best superstructure systems in the industry.

Not only distinguished by its extreme flexibility, ALPAS is especially characterized by its high stability and durability. Firefighting vehicles equipped with ALPAS superstructures are absolutely reliable.

This is the security we stand for.

Aktuelle Auslieferungen ALPAS


Ziegler LF 10 KatS to the volunteer fire brigade of Steffenberg

13. September 2018 | Vehicle deliveries
Latest deliveries

Ziegler HLF 10 to the volunteer fire brigade of Bermatingen

04. September 2018 | Vehicle deliveries

On 04.09.2018, we delivered a HLF 10 to the volunteer fire brigade of Bermatingen.

Latest deliveries

Ziegler HLF 20 to the volunteer fire brigade of Hallenberg

25. June 2018 | Vehicle deliveries

On 25.06.2018, we delivered a HLF 20 to the volunteer fire brigade of Hallenberg.

Latest deliveries